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IEC C13 UK Mains Power Cord, 1.8m (Type G) AU$8.08
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IEC C13 Euro Mains Power Cord, 2m (Type F) AU$8.08
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IEC (Type C13) Mains Power Cords

These high quality 3-pin IEC mains power cords are suitable for many types of desktop computers / electrical appliances and are sometimes colloquially referred to as “Kettle leads”.

If you’re trying to get a PC to work, the first question you need to ask is, “Is it plugged in?". These top-quality power cords will help you get past that first hurdle! One end of the cable has a “Type C13” IEC connector, which looks like a kettle plug except without the notch. At the other end of the cable, a choice of a UK or EURO plugs is available.

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