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Acousti AcoustiPads Speaker Decoupling Anti-Vibration Pads

These speaker pads help eliminate unwanted buzzing and resonance on a hard surface giving you a much clearer picture of what is happening in your mix


  1. De-couple your Studio Monitors from any surface
  2. Helps prevent unwanted buzzing and resonance
  3. Each pad includes a levelling wedge adjuster which in standard position will provide a level surface
  4. Can be adjusted to have monitors tilting forwards or backwards
  5. High load bearing foam material

The Acoustic Speaker Pads allow you to isolate your studio speakers from the surface on which they stand for a tighter and more accurate sound by helping to eliminate unwanted buzzing and resonance on a hard surface.

By reducing resonance, these speaker pads give you a much clearer picture of what is happening in your mix. You will notice the low frequencies are more even, the stereo image more clearly defined and an overall increase in detail across the frequency spectrum.

Each pack contains 4 Speaker Pads and 4 pre-cut levelling wedge adjusters so you can either have the speakers sat horizontally or adjust the angle of the speakers (upwards or downwards) and have them pointing directly towards your ears for the best possible listening experience.

The Speaker Pads can be used to support other studio equipment that would benefit from isolation from your workstation surface.

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Product CodeAP-PADS
ColourGraphite Grey
Overall Dimensions100 x 300 x 50 (W x D x H)
Warranty24 months
Product CodeAP-PADS
ColourGraphite Grey
Overall Dimensions100 x 300 x 50 (W x D x H)
Warranty24 months

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